Streusel Secrets: Tips for Baking the Perfect Streusel Cakes

Tip # 1: Bring all ingredients to room temperature before mixing them together. That makes for a fluffier batter.

Tip #2: Soft batters rich in eggs expand a lot more than denser doughs. Be careful not to overfill your baking pans or cups.

Tip # 3: Soft batters also bake faster than heavier doughs. Use fruits like berries that don’t require long baking times. Want sweeter fruit? Sprinkle extra sugar on the finished cake to avoid watery fruit.

Tip # 4: A streusel topping makes any cake extra delicious. To get a crunchy yet delicate texture refrigerate the streusel overnight. Shortly before the cake goes in the oven, scatter the cold crumbly dough on.

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